New Blog!!!

Hey all! Suppperrr excited to announce the launch of my new blog! Followers please go check it out! I will be leaving this blog behind and I will be much more active on my new one. love you all xoxo Advertisements

I’m Back!

I know. I know. But senior year has been crazy! This is simply a post to say that I will begin my blogging again, and as of this summer I will begin posting regularly on my life, my art, my writing, and this crazy transition pf moving to NYC and beginning college. I hope you … More I’m Back!


While vultures usually provoke negative connotations such as ‘gory’ and ‘vile’ (even Darwin called them “disgusting”), they pay a vital role in maintaining balance in the ecosystem. They perform the rapid cleanup, and recycling, of dead animals. The only land-based animal that can thrive solely on scavenging the diseased, vultures can quickly devour flesh, and … More Vultures


2016 will be my year of revolution.  Be happy  Be authentic Get (back) in touch with my creative side  Stay worldly  Love and care for my body  Get ready for the city  Always be fashionable  Keep my mind sharp  Learn something new Get a boyfriend  Explore new places  Meditate  Practice Buddhism 

College Update! 

TOMORROW IS THE DAY! Tomorrow I wil get my session for Barnard.  Can I sleep? No.  Can I focus on my bio lab right now?  No.  Do I think I will see a “congratulations!” tomorrow?  We will see…  I have worked so long and hard and Barnard is my dream. However I have to hold … More College Update!