Understanding how she empowers herself through sexual liberation.

I love the four paragraph reference. It was what I aspire to.


– Bukola

The Oxford Dictionary defines empowerment as; “to make (someone) stronger and more confident, esp. in controlling their life and claiming their rights.” Now if we stick female in front of empowerment, we’ll have something along the lines of: giving women the power which is aimed at helping them face the daily challenges of being a woman in this world. Here’s my theory:

Having done my observations, I can now see how women empower themselves using their personalities and how sexually liberated (inwardly or outwardly) they are to guide the way. Sexual liberation relates to being comfortable in one’s sexuality. Those who are liberated are perfectly okay with expressing themselves in a non-conventional way because they have remoulded their own meaning.

Outward form of expression happens to be the most popular way to exercise a woman’s sexual liberation, and little to no attention nor thought is given to those…

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