Yes Please

Amy Poehler’s memoir is refreshing, and this is exactly why I chose to read it at this point in my life. Poehler’s wit and wisdom have seriously helped me in some of the current situations I am finding myself in (see last post). Amy was and is a girl that really lived, seemingly without the … More Yes Please

Up the Rabbit Hole

As a pacifist, I generally do my best to avoid conflict. However, conflict is inevitable in life. And sometimes, it is your fault. And sometimes, it involves more than just you and another person. Sometimes it’s two guys. I mean… people. And all of the time, it sucks. But when you fall down the rabbit … More Up the Rabbit Hole

Lyman Love

Here are some pics from a recent blueberry/raspberry/peach picking escapade at Lyman Orchards. It was a beautiful day and the orchards were brimming with fruit and flora. My brothers and I got ice cream after 😛 I felt really connected to nature (as cliche as that sounds) and the fruit was delicious. I made a … More Lyman Love


I have had several encounters with racism and utter ignorance down South. I’m not going to bad-mouth this region of our great country. I’m just gonna say it like it is. I feel for blacks in the South. They face discrimination, stereotyping, and a general tension every single day, in many more ways deeper than … More Awareness

My Style

Hey guys! Here’s a little look into my art style. This is my micron-pen work, especially my favorite line designs. I am constantly trying to break free of the radial but it’s addictive.