Summer Days, Drifting Away…

Ever since I was young, summer has been hard for me. I know right! What can be so difficult about summer? Let me clarify that I am a person who thrives on structure, discipline, and details. So yea, summer just didn’t go with my flow. Another downfall of the summer months was how fast the time went. We all start off with grand plans and those plans slowly shrivel up until you stash them in the back of the brain until next summer. To add to the fun, I have neither car nor license. I spend the majority of my time in and around my house/neighborhood. All of these hindering factors have, in turn, provided vital life skills: creativity. Critical-thinking. Problem-solving. I will now share with you some of my favorite summer activities, movies, books, music, and places.

1. Movies

My favorite summer movies generally revolve around Audrey Hepburn. Grease is always my summer kick-off. I am debating having a Mean Girls Party soon.






2. Shows

I discovered MTV’s Awkward two summers ago and fell in love. Also Glee, SMASH, and ANTM





3. Books

I used to kick off every summer reading Thimble Summer, however I stopped right before high school. Anything Sarah Dessen is awesome. I like to stick to the classics mostly. I have attempted Jane Eyre and failed miserably two summers in a row now.

4. Music

I. Love. Jazz. Especially on a rainy summer day like today. I dig a little Coltraine in the morning. I listen primarily to spotify so I have a few different playlists on there. I have Hardcore (rap and pop), Slow Jamz (jazz, R&B, slow songs, love ,songs) and NYC (dance music, alternative, etc). My favorite bands/artists for the summer are Hiatus Kiayote, Hippo Campus, Arcade Fire, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, and anything contemporary. I’m feeling Chris Brown this summer. Not as a person of course. Just as an artist.

5. Activities/Places

Tumblr has been my best friend this summer. In addition to this blog. In today’s world of social media and incredibly entertaining Youtube videos I could probably spend my life on the internet. But this would not be beneficial. Therefore I have other activities in my wheel of the day. Basketball, reading, drawing, painting, and writing are some of the things I always want to do during the year and never have time for. Summer is the perfect time to catch up. I LOVE to take day trips into NYC. I get up early and take the train in and spend the day exploring. Connecticut has a lot of fun day trip possibilities. Just this weekend I went to a local orchard and blueberry picked. There are beaches, forests, used bookstores, cute eateries, ice cream parlors, and shops. Westport and Madison are two of my favorite little towns to spend a day in.

And there it is. Some of my favorite summer things 🙂 Maybe you can find some inspiration in there.


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