I have had several encounters with racism and utter ignorance down South. I’m not going to bad-mouth this region of our great country. I’m just gonna say it like it is. I feel for blacks in the South. They face discrimination, stereotyping, and a general tension every single day, in many more ways deeper than other regions. It is in the fiber of Southern culture. And while the lowering of the Confederate Flag was a beautiful and historic moment in the eradication of racism, do not let this gesture fool you into complacency. Racism is alive and well. And not just in the South. But it does seem to happen there more frequently. We all have a responsibility to be active against discrimination of any kind, despite our race. I am happy to see America’s attitude changing. Let us not end here. Let us push forward. Be aware of what is happening in your country and aim to right the wrongs you witness everyday. Whether it be police brutality in the news or acts of negligence in your own community. You can help by simply being aware.


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