Holy’s Style > Anything Else

I have spent sooooo much of my life trying to replicate Holy Golightly’s style. I have found several pieces that look awesome on and are very close to what she actually wears in the movie. However, that will be in another post. This one is just an introduction to the style itself. I think the allure of Holy’s look is it’s simplicity. Clean lines and structure in a few classic pieces is not only sexy but achievable. She was effortless yet gorgeous. Her style was sophisticated and comfortable. As soon as I saw the movie I went out and bought a pair of over sized glasses. I had always worn pearl earrings 😉 Audrey Hepburn (the woman) revolutionized fashion with her elfish and boyish looks and Holy was the perfect character to introduce her charm to the world. My personal interpretation of Holy’s style to come.





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