Up the Rabbit Hole

As a pacifist, I generally do my best to avoid conflict. However, conflict is inevitable in life. And sometimes, it is your fault. And sometimes, it involves more than just you and another person. Sometimes it’s two guys. I mean… people. And all of the time, it sucks. But when you fall down the rabbit hole of your own faults, whether it be from lies or cheating or just general confusion, you have a choice. You can keep falling and let the hole swallow you up in an emotional tailspin; or you can grab hold of whatever you can and pull yourself out. I need to pull myself out. And while it will probably be painful to me and probably cause some loss, selflessness is something we should all strive for. I need to put other people’s feelings first, regardless of the consequences. Admitting a fault and apologizing is hard. Especially when you feel as though you have done nothing wrong. Look deep and be honest. Because no conflict should keep you in the rabbit hole.


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