Yes Please

Amy Poehler’s memoir is refreshing, and this is exactly why I chose to read it at this point in my life. Poehler’s wit and wisdom have seriously helped me in some of the current situations I am finding myself in (see last post). Amy was and is a girl that really lived, seemingly without the fear that so many of us face as we mature. Fear of rejection and vulnerability. Amy is child-like, in the best of ways. And of course, she’s hysterical. Being someone I grew up watching in the better seasons of SNL, “Baby Mama”, “Parks and Rec”, and “Mean Girls”, it is truly interesting to look into the life of this genuinely good and happy person. Her lessons are not lectures, more like a friend doing her best to relate, and succeeding. I am only about halfway done, but I love it. It is very much like Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”. You would swear the two are sisters. I recommend this book to anyone looking for advice (or a good laugh).


P.S. Audrey post is still coming! 🙂


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