My Yale Day

Hey bloggers:) I would like ta share my latest visit to Yale in New Haven, and the fantastic day that unfolded. My friend and I got into the city around 8 and breakfasted at Atticus Bookstore, which is by far my favorite little spot. It is right across the street for the Yale Museum of … More My Yale Day

Another Beauty Blogger Award :)))

I could cry I am so happy right now. I have been nominated by jerrrrwood for the beauty blogger award! This is my second nomination, which is crazy considering I have only been blogging for about 2 months now. Here are the questions she has asked of me: What are your top 3 beauty … More Another Beauty Blogger Award :)))

Sky Inspired

Hey guys! Time for another fashion post.:) I was inspired by this picture I took at the beach a few weeks ago: Therefore I did a little makeup experiment that I think looks really cute and summery. You can see more of my makeup experiments on my instagram: hell_bellxo The white eyeliner is Kat Von … More Sky Inspired

Audrey in Love

I learned a lot of things from watching Audrey Hepburn play her many characters in my preteens, none more than Holy Golightly. The stunning New York call girl, with a both glamorous and haunting life. She treated men as objects of wealth and they treated her as an object of pleasure. She would not let … More Audrey in Love

Art Update!

Hey guys! Just a few new pieces I have been working on in the last week. You can see some more art and just explore my style at 🙂

Elect to Elect

I am an outspoken advocate of Americans, especially young adults, exercising their right to vote. It is a luxury we take for granted so often in this country and many fail to see the importance of it. As for the upcoming presidential election, I would like to shed light on a few reasons you should … More Elect to Elect

One Too Many

I am in a position that most students only dream of, however it is turning into a nightmare for me. I have wayyyyyy too many college options. I am constantly being bombarded with emails and mail from schools, offering me a “special application!” that waives the fee or doesn’t require me to send test scores … More One Too Many

Fall 2015/Winter 2016

Here are some of my favorite ads for this upcoming season. Let it be known that the 70s are back!!! I particularly love the Zara Fall/Winter campaign (the last few pictures). I am planning on shopping there next week, so I will let you guys know what I get!:)