Upper West Side in the Rain

Yesterday was one of those magical days, captured by rain and memories. I ventured to NYC with my parents to visit my top college, Barnard. We hoped on the metro north around 6 and got into Grand Central around 8:30. It was cloudy yet that New York thrill was in the air, bettered by the anticipation of rain. We breakfasted at Pershing and then we were off.


FullSizeRender (8)

I had NO idea how far the school was from Grand Central. It was the longest cab ride of my life, yet I was content. I was in an amazing place on my way to visit an amazing school. And from the moment I stepped on the iron gated campus, I noticed something hanging over the banner in the main entrance. It was a sign that read “Black Lives Matter”, in lieu of the recent police violence. Something shivered deep inside of me. This was the school for me. For those unfamiliar with Barnard, it is the women’s college of Columbia University located in the Upper West Side of New York City. It is a small separate campus that allows you to take classes within both schools and you graduate with a Columbia diploma. It’s freaking awesome. Everything from then on solidified this fact. Everyone I met I immediately wanted to be best friends with. And I usually hate people. My tour guide was an incredibly charming and humorous sophomore of mixed race, whom I could identify with. The admissions officer was lively and quick and to the point with all information. The campus was gorgeous. The opportunities were endless. The philosophy was flawless.



After the tour and information session we ended up eating at the diner from Seinfeld! I mean, come on! How awesome is that? We also walked around Columbia’s campus, which was equally impressive.


We stopped into a little indie bookstore that had the last Chimamanda Adichie book to my collection. In short, all signs were pointing to yes. I love the city. Always have, always will. But the ride back to grand central was what sealed the deal. It started pouring. Like, the heavens opened up on us. But I didn’t care. Because I was riding down Park Avenue in the rain in love. In love with a city and a school.

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We stopped at Magnolia’s before boarding the train home. I left the city with some Barnard swag, a book, a yellow frosted cupcake, wet shoes, and a dream. I NEED to get into this school. I encourage everyone to look it up. It truly is a change-making place. I will continue to keep you guys updated on my college application process. For now, Barnard College, I will try my best to be a student and a woman you would desire at your school. Because I desire your education. And that’s what finding the perfect college is about, right?


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