On Moodiness

Being a teenager is the leading cause of mood swings in America today. But whenever you’re feeling as though you can’t control your emotions, try looking at your life through a different lens. A neutral one. An accepting one.


Rather than associating events, people and objects with desire, likes and dislikes, be unmoved. All suffering comes from craving. If we can eliminate craving, we will no longer suffer. But let’s not jump ahead.

Th first step in eliminating suffering is eliminating craving. The first step in eliminating craving is becoming aware of our reactions to different aspects of life.


For example, say that there is a loud group of construction workers outside your apartment while you attempt to study. They become louder and louder. The natural reaction is to become frustrated and distracted, eventually saying something to them or moving away in rage. You must work against ourselves in this reaction. You must recognize first that we are having a reaction, and a negative one. You then must realize that the problem is not necessarily that the construction workers are loud. Those guys are just doing their job. The problem is you and the negative way by which you reacted. In this alone, you find relief as the annoyance that once clouded your brains starts to fade. Changing your reaction from negative to positive and accepting the inevitability of suffering are the first steps to eliminating moodiness and misery. You do not have to be thinking through this constantly, however, the more aware you are, the more in control you will be. I urge you all to try:) Namaste.


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