The Shift

As soon as I woke up today, I looked at my daily horoscope with a pale face. It informed it’s Capricorn reader that “one small shift is all it would take to change everything that’s going wrong in a venture you are now dealing with”. I was confused beyond belief. Was there even a venture that was going wrong? Was this just some psychedelic psycho-babble that I should ignore. I had an instinct it was not. I began my very Capricorn-y analyzing of my life and what I could do to make everything “right”. I was scrolling though my phone when the “venture” became clear. It was my, what you would call, “love life”. I was constantly dealing with another person, clouding the back of mind, not knowing whether they are invested in me or not. I noticed the power they had over me. And I despised it. I knew what my “shift” needed to be. I needed to be rid of them. And as soon as I did, order did come back into my life, especially my mental state. I was no longer preoccupied and became the productive person I once was.

I guess those horoscopes creators really do their research.

As for my love life, I’ve got more important things to deal with.

Like this whole college deal.

Can’t wait to see what my horoscope has to say about that!

-Proud Capricorn


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