“THE…” … “Break time!”

Yes, that was a reference to essay writing episode of SpongeBob. And it pretty much sums up my feelings trying to write my many college essays. Only I can’t even pull a SpongeBob and write a fancy “The” because the damn thing is electronic. You would think for essays that virtually every student in America has to answer, each question would generally easy to answer. However, for this serial over-thinker, it is not. It’s like as soon as I begin to reflect on all the major points of my life, all I can remember is what I had for breakfast. And it’s not like my life has been event-less! I am a somewhat interesting teenager! Therefore I have decided to write this pre-essay to remind my self (as well as introduce to you) some of what makes me me:)

  1. I am adopted on one side. My biological mother is still my mother today. She is half Puerto Rican but looks Jewish. She never knew her father. My biological father was raised in Nigeria. He and my mother got divorced when I was about 7. I haven’t seen or heard from him since. My mother remarried shortly after to a blonde haired, blue-eyed man. He legally adopted my brothers and I. He is my dad. And both of my parents are “white”. You can not believe the number of confused stares we get.
  2. I danced for 11 years. I did ballet constantly, however I have tried every kind of dance under the sun. I love contemporary. I hate tap.
  3. I am secretly the next Kendrick Lamar. I believe that “Alright” should be our next national anthem, although we may have to change some of the words…Anyways, it is my secret ambition to become a hardcore rapper. I truly can rap fast. Maybe not Busta Rhymes level but, soon.
  4. I am a cheerleader. Despite my pessimistic demeanor and sarcasm, I am Varsity Captain. Life is funny that way. It is an exhilarating sport and ultimately rewarding.
  5. I run track. And, well, jump it. I have done the 100, 200, 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, and the long jump. I love running. It’s the best high there is; painful and amazing simultaneously. There is no better feeling than being able to say you completed a race.
  6. I love everything about Japanese culture. I truly believe I should have been born there.
  7. I am a self-proclaimed artist. I did post a few of my pieces a while back, so check it out if you would like to see my style. Art is my catharsis. I am good at it and it comes naturally and sometimes emotionally. I love to doodle in micron pen. I am in art classes and art society.
  8. I love food. Duh. Sweets>>>> everythingggg
  9. I have a tumblr! Helenthecoolkid! Check it out!
  10. I am the youngest person in my class.
  11. I make terrariums as a side job, along with selling my art and working as a recreation department employee. I love all three jobs.
  12. If curiosity killed the cat, PETA is probably looking for me at this point. I am constantly researching and pondering. This is why I think psychology will ultimately be the field for me.
  13. I am Buddhist, however only philosophically.
  14. I love Audrey Hepburn and my biggest dream is to become Holy Golightly.
  15. I am a big reader/writer. Chimamanda Adichie is my favorite author and woman currently living.
  16. I am single 😉
  17. 16 was not an actual invitation, more of a sad truth.
  18. My current goals are to get into Barnard College, have fun my senior year of high school, and find out a little bit more about who I am. Hence the list.
  19. Benedict Cumberbatch is the most interesting man out there and I adore him as an actor. If you don’t know who he is, I am seriously interested in exactly what rock you have been living under.
  20. This is my first time on a blog. In fact, this is my first time writing for anyone other than my mom, my teacher, or myself. So thanks for letting me open up:) Comment below!

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