The Stanford Prison Experiment


I was so disappointed when I discovered this movie was only going to be released in smaller indie theaters, and then ecstatic when I found it on demand. I have always been fascinated with the real-life experiment, and had done my research prior. The movie was very true to the real events, with little dramatizations. And this is what makes it so horrific. The movie follows the story of psychologist Philip Zimbardo and his attempt to conduct an experiment on the effects of and institution (namely prison) on an individual/individuality. He and his graduate staff recruit young male students to participate as either guards or prisoners in this mock jail. They are to treat everything as if it were real, and the guards have only two rules: maintain order and never physically abuse the prisoners. It was supposed to last 2 weeks. It lasted 6 days. The events that unfolded were horrifying, damaging, and provided devastating insight into human nature and the effects of an institution on who we are. The movie is a must see, a psychological thriller, shockingly realistic and well acted. Starring, among others, Billy Crudup, Michael Angarano, Ki Hong Lee, Ezra Miller, Brett Davern (a personal favorite), Logan Miller, and Tye Sheridan. Available on demand now! Watch! Watch! Watch!


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