One Too Many

I am in a position that most students only dream of, however it is turning into a nightmare for me.

I have wayyyyyy too many college options.

I am constantly being bombarded with emails and mail from schools, offering me a “special application!” that waives the fee or doesn’t require me to send test scores or offers me money! I know what you’re thinking. What on earth could be wrong with that? This is the problem: none of those schools are the one I want to go to. And they have me questioning whether or not I should play it safe, or continue the ambitious and driven path I have taken, not just in applying for college, but the last three years of my life. I am so grateful to be recognized as an amazing student. And having all these options will ensure I get in somewhere. But my dream is Barnard. It’s what I’ve worked for. It’s where I think I can succeed and make change. I cannot stop my pursuit.


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