Elect to Elect

I am an outspoken advocate of Americans, especially young adults, exercising their right to vote. It is a luxury we take for granted so often in this country and many fail to see the importance of it. As for the upcoming presidential election, I would like to shed light on a few reasons you should start electing to elect.

  1. This has the possibility to be one of the most historic elections in history, right after President Obama, if Hillary Clinton is elected. Or is Donald Trump is elected.
  2. Donald Trump is leading in the Republican polls as of now. Now, I do not know how much knowledge the greater public has of Mr. Trump other than the fact he has a lot of property, a T.V. show, and a resting duck face. But here’s a little info from the New York Times: “In poll after poll of Republicans, Mr. Trump leads among women, despite having used terms like “fat pigs” and “disgusting animals” to denigrate some of them. He leads among Evangelical Christians, despite saying he had never had a reason to ask God for forgiveness. He leads among moderates and college-educated voters, despite a populist and anti-immigrant message thought to resonate most with conservatives and less affluent-voters. He leads among the most frequent, likely voters, even though his appeal is greatest among those with little history of voting.” Now this should not only offend a lot of people, it should also concern them. This man has a great chance of being our president. Do you think he should be? VOTE!
  3. Voting is not just a right, it is a responsibility. Take action and make your country better. Do not be complacent, help America remain the great country it is today.

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