Audrey in Love

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I learned a lot of things from watching Audrey Hepburn play her many characters in my preteens, none more than Holy Golightly. The stunning New York call girl, with a both glamorous and haunting life. She treated men as objects of wealth and they treated her as an object of pleasure. She would not let anyone “put her in a cage”. She had trust issues, but more than that, she saw herself as unworthy, and built up a defense. She called herself a free woman and avoiding love at all costs. But she fell in the end. I see so many parallels in my own life. I am constantly being pursued as she, and avoiding all emotional  attachments. Because with love comes pain, inevitably. I, like Holy, must learn to open up, to allow love into my life. I must become strong in the face of pain and heartbreak. Therefore, I have opened myself up to a relationship once again.

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Much like Sabrina, I am pining over a guy who I do not think recognizes my affections. Even more, I believe he is preoccupied elsewhere. But when I find someone I truly like, I pursue them until I have what I desire. Does this mean I am going to travel to Paris and return a worldly woman in order to peak his interest? I wish! Sadly I do not have the money and the man does not have the taste of one David Larabee. However, I will channel Sabrina and work my magic over he is locked in my spell. Soon he will very well know that I exist.


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