Love, Lust, or Friends?

What do you do when you are not 100% sure you like a guy (as in “like like”)? Do you:

a) pursue him romantically?

b) engage in a friendship?

c) do absolutely nothing?

The question has been plaguing me all day long. And there’s a surprise element in the mix! He has a girlfriend!!! Reading a guys signals can be one of the hardest things for us women. Some guys are naturally flirty, whereas some guys will ignore you to show their affection (which makes sooo much sense). Therefore I am going to leave this one up to you guys. Here’s what happened:

I met him for the first time today. He is incredibly attractive and spent a lot of time and attention with me. He shared his likes and dislikes (which we had in common), made an effort to be my partner in the activities we had to perform, and complimented my shirt. He was, what I would consider, incredibly flirty and constantly looked at me and tried to make me laugh. He even wrote me a little note *swoon*.

So what’s up with this guy!? Does he like me, or just want to be friends? And should I choose a, b, or c considering I am not sure of my feelings as of yet? COMMENT BELOW PLEASEE!!!

thanks 🙂


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