My Yale Day

Hey bloggers:) I would like ta share my latest visit to Yale in New Haven, and the fantastic day that unfolded. My friend and I got into the city around 8 and breakfasted at Atticus Bookstore, which is by far my favorite little spot.


It is right across the street for the Yale Museum of Art, which was our next stop. The collection is extensive, and architecture of the museum itself is a marvel. It provides beautiful views of New Haven, as well as many of Hopper’s most famous works.


I particularly love the Asian art section. Here is a picture of me posing as art in one of the many little nooks and crannies:


Of course, the main dish was Yale’s beautiful, Gothic style campus and sprawling greenery, which baked in the sun as we found a little bench and planned our futures.


As everyone in a city should, we hit up the UO sales rack:) We also stopped to pick up books in the Book Trader Cafe, and lunched at Maison Mathis. It was a perfect little day trip, and we went back home feeling enlightened and content. I advise everyone visit this wonderful city.

Comment if you would like more details. 🙂


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