Syria and Stress

SENIOR YEAR IS SUPER STRESSFUL!!!! I have therefore taken to focusing on my foreign policy class as a distraction from my looming college apps. We are learning about the Syrian crisis and attempting to propose a solution. This is SO much harder than it seems. Our issue boils down to this: which is the greater … More Syria and Stress

As I lay

As I lay the cold sheets embrace my bare skin because in the absence of light I am most vulnerable and I think of those flaws that make me beautiful and human my naked shadow in the bright night exposed and hidden As I lay

Second Home

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been active for a while. I’m smack in the middle of college apps and cheer season. I will try and start posting more often:) Here are a few pics of my most recent trip to the Upper West Side, my home away from home: Dress: H and M. Glasses: Ann … More Second Home

Art Update! :)

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been on in a bit. Back to school is a hectic time. Just wanted to share a few more doodles with you. Comment below if you have any requests or suggestions. Or if you simply like it 🙂

Nigerian Dreams

I have always wondered what Nigeria is truly like. Author Adichie does an amazing job of capturing both the beauty and the devastation faced in the country. However, I have never been able to witness this through my own eyes. And this saddens me. Why not just go visit, you ask? Well, why not just … More Nigerian Dreams