Urban Outfitters Haul! :)

Hey bloggers! In light of me returning to school tomorrow (booooo), I would like to share my most recent haul from my favorite store, Urban Outfitters. My biggest and favorite accomplishment of the trip was exchanging my record player. I had a Crosley that I had gotten for Christmas, however it had a really weird vibrating noise every time I played a record. I exchanged it for this cute little mint green cruiser:


It is a lot more portable, which I love. Peep the Alicia Keys vinyl:)

Next, I got some beautiful underwear because they were 5 for $25. I was really impressed with the selection:


I also got that little candle in the Black Dahlia scent.

Last, but definitely not last, the clothes. I got two skirt and top outfits, and then I got this little mod/60s style dress:


Comment if you want more details/to see me in the outfits! Thanks guys! ❤


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