Learning how to Manage

These last two weeks have been an enormous test of my character. I had NO idea that becoming captain of my cheer squad would entail so much. Teenage girls can be viscous, self-centered, emotionally unstable, and oblivious. And I attempt to manage 24 of them. More than that, I attempt to get them to work together as a team and actually cheer. I am happy that I have received this leadership position, as it is teaching me life skills. In many ways, high school is a test run for real life. You learn how to cope with reality in small doses, with room for error. While we all want to act life we are full blown adults, we teenagers should appreciate that room for error. We should all just learn how to manage. And my role has captain is one of my best tests.

Here is a picture of me before our first game:


We won despite the suspension of our coach:)! Thanks for reading.


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