Syria and Stress


SENIOR YEAR IS SUPER STRESSFUL!!!! I have therefore taken to focusing on my foreign policy class as a distraction from my looming college apps. We are learning about the Syrian crisis and attempting to propose a solution. This is SO much harder than it seems. Our issue boils down to this: which is the greater threat? Assad or ISIS? Is there a way we can work out an agreement with Assad without seeming as though we have caved into the acceptance of Assad and his despicable past?

Putin is our other problem, considering he told Obama at the U.N. yesterday that we should not go against Assad, not to mention he is supplying the Syrian government with military power. Lastly, we want to bring more American awareness to ISIS and the threat that it imposes. We want to educate our youth so they do not fall victim to these powerful people.

It would be awesome if you guys could leave comments and suggestions. Thanks 🙂


One thought on “Syria and Stress

  1. America seems to be supporting an enemy to take down another enemy. I don’t know much about foreign interactions but I just know that once an enemy falls, another one rises. Let us know if you find a solution; it’ll most likely be hypothetical as you are dealing with a tough problem but good luck.


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