The Myth of the Man

While we usually blame school shootings, such as the Sandy Hook shooting (a school which I live very close to), on improper gun control and mental illness, there is more to it. The biggest criminals involved in school shootings, in any violent crime actually, are men. Should this be just as alarming as the other two patterns. YES. In fact, it should be more important. The media and society as a whole have disillusioned the boys and men of this country as to what it means to be “masculine”. We have equated it to violence. They see crazy huge actors in movies, with big muscles and big guns, asserting their their dominance in violent and often sexual ways. And we wonder why rape and sexual assault in our universities is such a big problem? Rap and urban culture promote gangs and intimidation, as a means to gain respect. Does this not give a young man the idea to take a gun to school? He does not have to be mentally disturbed, just force fed the guise of masculinity that we so wrongly impose upon him. We need to change the way we raise our men. And we need to redefine our definition of masculinity. Society can and will influence the male psyche.


One thought on “The Myth of the Man

  1. That is an interesting point but I think the gun is the bigger issue. By blaming societal norms and what it does to men, this idea could also be applied to women in different issues. But good point, it could be an underlying factor.

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