Weekly Update 11/23

Hey guys! I have decided to start doing weekly updates each Friday, however I am going to do this weeks today seeing as tomorrow begins my holiday break. I’ll try to include my art, what I have been wearing, and any major milestones 🙂

I want to start with a micron pen drawing I did this week that I loved so much that I transferred it to canvas. Comment if you think I should watercolor it!



I had some drama this week (see Bigger post), however I have chosen to put it in the past. Future conflict may arise, however I am going to remain calm through it all.

I would also like to take a moment to say how sorry I am and that I have been praying for all of the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. My heart is with you all.

Although there has been much change in my life this week, from my little brothers concussion to the all-around drama and stress of high school (inevitable), the sky has been a constant beauty. Here is the view from my room the other night:


I hope everyone is excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow! I wish a happy holidays to all! Remember to cherish what you have. Namaste.


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