2016 will be my year of revolution.  Be happy  Be authentic Get (back) in touch with my creative side  Stay worldly  Love and care for my body  Get ready for the city  Always be fashionable  Keep my mind sharp  Learn something new Get a boyfriend  Explore new places  Meditate  Practice Buddhism 

College Update! 

TOMORROW IS THE DAY! Tomorrow I wil get my session for Barnard.  Can I sleep? No.  Can I focus on my bio lab right now?  No.  Do I think I will see a “congratulations!” tomorrow?  We will see…  I have worked so long and hard and Barnard is my dream. However I have to hold … More College Update! 


I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving! I wanted to share a few pictures of mine:        It was a fantastic night. It reminded me about just how special and blessed we should all feel to posses friends and family. Mine consists of ex-convicts, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Nigerians, Norwegians, republicans, democrats, and even … More Thanksgiving 

Weekly Update 11/23

Hey guys! I have decided to start doing weekly updates each Friday, however I am going to do this weeks today seeing as tomorrow begins my holiday break. I’ll try to include my art, what I have been wearing, and any major milestones 🙂 I want to start with a micron pen drawing I did … More Weekly Update 11/23

On Moodiness

Being a teenager is the leading cause of mood swings in America today. But whenever you’re feeling as though you can’t control your emotions, try looking at your life through a different lens. A neutral one. An accepting one. Rather than associating events, people and objects with desire, likes and dislikes, be unmoved. All suffering … More On Moodiness

The Fall

Sometimes it takes a hard blow to the back of the head to come to terms with yourself. And I mean this literally. Being in my Junior year of high school (and being as high strung as I am) I was a tensely wound ball of emotions that December, in danger of being unraveled at … More The Fall