The Nigerian Epic

Hey guys! So I just finished reading Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie and I will admit with no shame I cried for about 30 minutes. It was so devastating, yet uplifting; full of promise and prose and enough wisdom for a lifetime. I truly felt the yearnings and pain of all of … More The Nigerian Epic


I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving! I wanted to share a few pictures of mine:        It was a fantastic night. It reminded me about just how special and blessed we should all feel to posses friends and family. Mine consists of ex-convicts, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Nigerians, Norwegians, republicans, democrats, and even … More Thanksgiving 

Weekly Update 11/23

Hey guys! I have decided to start doing weekly updates each Friday, however I am going to do this weeks today seeing as tomorrow begins my holiday break. I’ll try to include my art, what I have been wearing, and any major milestones 🙂 I want to start with a micron pen drawing I did … More Weekly Update 11/23


What truly makes one the “bigger person” in a conflict? Is it being a pacifist? Fighting for your name? Or is it a level of maturity and communication achieved through a realization that suffering and conflict is inevitable? Work through your differences. This is the key to finding peace. Let the lovingkindness in you find … More Bigger

Art Update!

Hey All! I have a little art update. I feel simply awful I haven’t posted in so long. I was competing in a flag football game:) Anyways, here are a few doodles:   Hope you like them! xoxo P.S. I will be more active as we approach the holiday season:) My schedule has finally lightened … More Art Update!

My College Essay

Hey guys! Sooooo I applied to college last weekend! YAY! This is my common app essay and I figured since I’ve already submitted it, there’s no harm in sharing it. Let me know what you think: If “curiosity killed the cat,” as they say, then I have used up most of my nine lives. I … More My College Essay

The Myth of the Man

While we usually blame school shootings, such as the Sandy Hook shooting (a school which I live very close to), on improper gun control and mental illness, there is more to it. The biggest criminals involved in school shootings, in any violent crime actually, are men. Should this be just as alarming as the other … More The Myth of the Man